Reading this could make you rich!

This article is provided for information purposes and is intended to inspire (and hopefully make you wealthy). With any luck, you will go on to use the same methods that made Alex Hope very wealthy in just a few short years!

You might have heard about the businessman who blew £203,948 on bubbly in a single night as he entertained celebrity guests at a top hotel, just recently. His name is Alex Hope and just three years earlier he started out with virtually nothing.

So how does he make money so easily?

Alex Hope makes his money by buying and selling currency (FOREX). His first trade around five years ago, while he was still working at a fast food bar – and now claims to earn a six-figure salary.

He made his first deals on his mobile phone during the commute to his day job, after a spread betting seminar shortly before his 18th birthday.

“That was it, I was hooked, I made £600 on my first day. It was meant to be just an extra hobby alongside football, but when it started occupying all my thoughts I took two months off my job, and got the guts to start trading properly.” he said recently.

Alex now lives in a luxury flat in London’s Docklands and regularly travels to New York on business. He trades mainly in currency markets and now also tutors other young entrepreneurs.

Can the rest of us make the same kind of money?

The best way to find out for sure and without risking any money is to get one of the free FOREX trading accounts which you will see offered on the internet. These free demo accounts allow you to trade in real time o